How to Tell If Your House is Haunted?

Have you ever felt like you are being watched or followed in your home, has something shifted in the shadows, have you heard voices which cannot be traced? These are all signs that you might be living in a haunted house, people who don’t agree on this would come up with different reasons and they would try to come up with every scientific reason people, noises which cannot be traced are linked to rodent issues and they would recommend you visit a doctor if you are feeling like this, but you know what’s the truth, yes it does happen to us that we create things on our own, there would be days where our brain would so exhausted that it would create things and you’ll see all of that but that is not a common occurrence and if you are seeing it more than once and it has become a routine you need to take it seriously.

Another important sign is the smell, a distinct pungent smell is always there and you can’t get rid of it no matter how hard you try, the smell from the back of the fridge or even a perfume or something that occurs constantly and regularly and you can’t seem to find the source is a very strong sign that there is something present, there is also a scientific reason for this, as these are called phantom scents and if only you smell it then it could be a case of reaction of certain medications or even dry mouth but if you and some of your family members smell the odor then it is surely a sign, those who haven’t experienced it ever make fun of it and compare it to the Carnival of horrors which is the scariest haunted house in Ohio and surely this haunted house is equally as scary as anything.