How to Install Laminate Flooring

Installing laminate flooring is really easy and hassle free. It does not require lots of skills, and once you are done installing laminate flooring by yourself, you will wonder why you or anyone else should pay for a professional installation. That is because laminate flooring requires only dryer installation, which is really easy as no grout or mortar is included in the process.

Laminate flooring is not attached to the subfloor, and floats freely. It is just like attaching pieces of puzzle together, and the whole process should not take you longer than a day even if you do not have any prior experience.

Before Starting

Before you start applying laminate flooring, make sure that the floor is properly cleaned and is flat. As long as the flooring material is not fluffy and is flat, you can install laminate flooring on top of it no matter what type of flooring material is used. You can simply use foam sheeting as an underlayment when applying laminate flooring. However, if the floor is rough and uneven, you might be required to remove the current flooring material and apply for a plywood floor prior to applying laminate flooring. You can visit Floor Mod! as well if you want to get more info.

Test Before Applying

Before you apply any type of flooring, you are required to test the flooring material. The same applies to laminate flooring as well. We recommend that you test a few laminate planks and see how they fit your floor. However, if you have a small or medium sized room, it will be best for you to start the project right away rather than making lots of calculations and measurements.

Install Underlayment Beforehand

Before you start installing laminate flooring, experts recommend that you install underlayment first. You can use a thin and dense foam to absorb most of the sound, and act as the vapor barrier as well.