How to Do on Page SEO

Websites are a lot like cars in that they might perform really well at first but if you don’t take care of them and maintain them suffice it to say that their performance will see dramatic and drastic declines over the course of a year. Many websites that can currently be accessed on the internet are veritable messes that most people will have a really hard time cleaning up, and if you own a website that can be accurately described in a similar way you need to start focusing on sprucing it up in whatever way you can.

Perhaps the most effective way to rejuvenate your declining site is the through the strategic use of on site SEO due to the reason that this will sort out problems that are intrinsic to your original web page. We can understand that you might be eager to jump the gun here, but it is essential to undergo this process in a step by step manner starting off with a full site audit. This will reveal any broken links and bad URLs that your site might have, as well any images that might be lacking meta descriptions.

You need to fix all of these issues so that you can improve site performance by upwards of fifty percent. Just these simple steps will be enough to improve your SEO by leaps and bounds. People often try to go for advanced methods because they assume that they are going to be better, but they will pretty much only be effective if your site has a solid SEO foundation. You can also track keywords for this process, but try not to use too many of them.