How Do You Calculate Pressure Washing Jobs?

It might be a little strange to think about it, but we didn’t always have as firm of a grasp on numbers as we do in this modern day and age. We are talking about human society in general of course, and over the thousands of years in which we have slowly but surely been progressing we have managed to innovate in the field of mathematics thereby enabling us to become truly philosophical with numbers at this current point in time.

However, chances are that you are more interested in how numbers come into play in a practical way, such as how they can be used to improve your commercial pressure washing to whatever extent is manageable to you. The most effective use of numbers in the realm of pressure washing has to do with how they can be implemented to calculate the rate that you would charge for your pressure washing jobs without a shadow of a doubt. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should use these numbers which ancient humans wouldn’t be able to know the first thing about to come up with rates that are competitive and fair from every single direction that you could possibly end up looking at them through.

The best way to calculate pressure washing jobs is to charge by square foot. You never know how big a job is going to be, and the more square footage that you need to cover the more time you would inevitably require in order to do the job properly. An ideal square foot rate is around 30 cents because this ensures the highest possible amount of profit.